About Me

Hey everyone 🙂

Welcome to my very new blog! I’ve been keeping an e-journal for the last few months and decided what the heck, why not make my thoughts public. My posts will be about my daily struggles through life dealing with everything from family, friends, food, work, uni and well anything else that pops up. Life is pretty unpredictable.

Lately I’ve been really struggling mentally with stress from uni and body image related issues, so that will be a pretty big focus for now. The content I blog about may be triggering for some people so be warned and stay safe, and remember to seek help if you need to!

Now onto who I am. I’ll try to keep it (kinda) short.

I’m a 22 year old woman, 164cm (5’4″ I think), dirty blonde going on ombre, and in my 3rd year of university studying to become a secondary teacher. I love interacting with people, which is why my job in retail suits me so much! I’m obsessed with tomato and basil bruschetta. I love to read, play games and shop. I buy tonnes of clothes and my bathroom always smells like lush products (which are divine btw). My favourite genre is fantasy, but I’m a movie fiend so I’ll watch almost anything. I like swimming, fluffy socks, pillows, flowers, sleeping in,  potatoes (unfortunately) and I take waaaaaaay too many selfies, but whatever.

Oh, and I live in Australia with my dad and almost 20 year old brother in a purple house.

I hope that gives you a brief idea of who I am 🙂  I know it’s only a short post but I’m planning on posting something ASAP!!