Its almost half way through the first semester of the year and mentally I’m feeling pretty good. I’m on top of my studies and feeling relatively organised with assessments. I’m really excited by how positive my mental outlook has been despite the challenges I faced just trying to organise my classes. 

I’m loving how organised my life is with days of study, work and exercise, however it’s led to some weight gain and I’m trying to get back on track. That’s secondary to my grades though which always have me slightly worried despite my great track record. 

Thankfully my boyfriend wants to help and is going to make an effort to help keep me on track and avoiding take away and junk. 

Sorry for the lack of updates, I’ve been both ecstatic over my motivation with uni and crushed over my weight gain. 
Hopefully things will valance out soon!



Restarting Week 2

This week has been terrible apart from 1 day, so I’m just going to redo it, calories wise at least. 

Everyday until Sunday I have work or uni from 9 till 5:30/6:30, or even later. 

My challenge to myself: tea for breakfast, 80-170 cal soups for lunches, apples, orages and grapes for snacks and dinner if I can’t avoid it. 

Hopefully I’ll be 64kgs soon! 

Short update but I’m exhausted and drained.  So much uni stress, a random lady is staying at my house and I’m worried about money. The only positive right now is spending time with my SO and planning for Japan. 


Set Back

I didn’t want to write this post, because I want to hide my mistake. I want to be perfect, but I’m not. This is an accountability blog, but what use is it if I’m not brutally honest when I mess up. 

Yesterday was supposed to be a fast day. Apparently I can’t fast right now. I flopped hard time yesterday. I ate pretty much anything I could get my chubby little hands on; chocolate, hot chips, left overs. The only ‘healthy’ food I had was a chicken stir fry after 90 minutes of aerial silks. 

It has resulted in a gain, which may be because I haven’t had a BM yet, or it could be a real gain. My stomach is heavy, my head hurts and I feel terrible. All I want to do is curl up in bed and let the day pass me by, but I have uni today, and an assessment draft due at wednesday. I need to get up out of bed but I feel atrocious.

Im going to get up though, I’m going to follow my adjusted plan of 150-200 calories: up to 2 soy chai teas at uni, half a breakfast muffin throughout the day, and nibble at some dinner with my friends and SO. This may go over my cal limit but I know myself more now and I know I need to work towards fasting and super low cal days. 
I’ll let you know when I am finally below 65 kg.