If you read my post yesterday you know that I was terrified about what the scales would say today. I needed to be below 66kgs as I’ve been maintaining in that area for ages. On top of that 66.2 was my previous lowest weight since I’ve started trying to loose weight.


Well as of today I am sitting at 65.4! 0.8kgs down from my last accurate weigh in (2 days ago) and also 0.4kgs until my first goal weight 😀

I’m fucking amazing and so proud of myself for getting this far. Once I hit 65 I will have lost 5kgs this year despite my binges and love of burgers.

Since the start of this year I have gone from having a bmi of 26, putting me in the over weight range, to one of 24.3. I’ve gone from 70-65 kgs, or 154.3-143.3 pounds. In 2 months!!


My next weight goals are 63.5kgs (or 140 pounds) and 60 kgs 🙂 I’m trying to break it down so that it’s not as overwhelming, but each number still has importance to me. Hopefully by the end of this month I’ll be under 140 pounds. Maybe sooner, who knows.


I’ll keep trying to follow the ABC diet, even though I have definitely failed a lot already. In order to correct this I am reducing the larger intake days coming up by 100 cals each. So the rest of this week from today are:

Wednesday (day 10) fast:
– water, tea and if necessary carrots/tomatos before I exercise.

Thursday (day 11) 150 cals:
at uni all of Thursday so 1 soy chai tea (20 cals), 1 serving of apple pie filling (1/2 apple chopped, 1/2 tsp sugar, 1/4 tsp cinnamon, 2 tablespoons water = 48 cals), spinach and chicken breast from the deli for the other 80 cals.

Friday (day 12) 200 cals:
 I have work from midday until 9pm, so I’ll be having lunch/dinner there. As such I have decided that I’ll fast until 4pm, where I’ll have 3/4 of a cheese and bacon roll (215) as a treat.

Saturday (day 13) 300 cals:
– I’m at work all day, but will not be eating dinner, so I’ll have an entire cheese and bacon roll (287 cals) plus a chai tea when I get to my bf’s. I may decide to split the roll between my lunch around 1pm and the rest of the afternoon.

Sunday (day 14) 250-350 cals:
 I’m spending a portion of Sunday with a good friend who also struggles with eating, she doesn’t know about my issues though. As such I’ll be bringing a bunch of healthy fruits and snacks to her place. I’m thinking apples, oranges and grapes, and some chicken breast and spinach for lunch. I am very aware that this day may turn into a binge day if I don’t focus on eating healthier foods, which is why I wanted to focus on positive stuff. We’ll be spending the day watching the new cycle of ANTM, so there’s the only thinspo I need :/


Hopefully following this plan I’ll be able to reach my next goal weights in no time 🙂 I’m really happy and focused now since I am so close to my first goal. I’ve had this goal for the longest time and holy hell it’s such a good feeling being so close I can almost touch it. I almost am it. My stomach is flatter, my legs slimmer and my shoulders aren’t as wide.

65, then 63.5, then 60 🙂 I can do this easy peasy.






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