Sticking to it

My first entirely successful diet day today in a while. I’m worried about caving for dinner, so I’ve told my dad that I’m grabbing something early because I’ve been at uni all day. I really just want some chicken nuggets and chips. But I’ve done so well today I don’t want to ruin all my hard work. Also I’m not even hungry, it’s just a craving for a texture and flavour.

I want the junk food so bad but the calories terrify me so much. 3 nuggets is about 150 calories, chips and sauce even more. I’m currently sitting at 93 calories with a soy chai tea and a cup of rockmelon for lunch. Meaning this food would more than double my current intake.

I think it’s carbs I’m craving.  I’m going to go home and either have a nap, read a book, or game. Anything to distract myself. 

I need to be under 66kg tomorrow else I think I’ll cry.  

Water and tea please fortify my strength🙏 



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