Looking Forward

Ive been having a real battle with my binges this week, which wasn’t helped by having multiple dinners and lunches out. I’m maintaining my weight but want to break the patter which is why I’m going to only have 100-200 cals tomorrow instead of the 500 recommended by the abc diet. I need to kick these bad habits in the but before they start affecting my weight again! 
I’m at uni tomorrow from 9 till 6, meaning I could literally skip every meal if I was strong enough, and I’m going to attempt that but with tea and some healtho snacks as a back up so I’m not tempted by the hot chips, sausage sizzles and cakes that abound there. I’ll do what I did last week which was to buy a soy chai tea which lasted me half the day since I drank it so slowly 🙂 

Wednesday is my fast day which I will only break if I need to for my silks class. If I feel too sick I’ll have a small piece of bread or apple before silks for a small boost. 
I’ll keep you all posted on how it goes 🙂 and if I need help resisting!


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