Abc Diet: weigh in and day 6

So I’ve almost completed a week of the abc diet. I haven’t been able to stick to the suggested amounts for the last 3 day, which have been between 600-1000 cals instead of 100-400, however the overall result hasn’t been too bad. 
Since starting this diet I have lost a grand total of (drumroll) 


Starting at 68kg in 6 days I have dropped to 66kg, leaving me 1 more kg from my first goal weight. A goal which Ive been trying to reach for far too long. 

Most of this loss happened in the first few days, with me either maintaining or losing a tiny amount on the unplanned binge days. 

So I’ll be starting week 2 on Monday and hopefully will soon reach (and pass) my first goal! 
Btw, today I had some soy chai tea, a 6 inch chicken subway for lunch since I was getting a hunger headache at work (I ate all the fillings but left more than half of the bread), and garlic chicken and veggie chinese takeaway at my boyfriends. While I couldn’t accurately add these up, MFP guesstimates it to be around 600 cals. 

Im aiming to have around 400 tomorrow, which while not following the abc diet, will help my stomach readjust. 
Hope you all have a great weekend 🙂 



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