Whoops: day 4 and 5

Yesterday didn’t go to plan at all. It was supposed to be a 400 cal day but instead I had a lemon and poppy seed muffin, a popcorn chicken and chips go bucket from kfc a number of crazily sugared up drinks (like 3 vodka raspberries and 2 sickly sweet shots, which since I’m a light weight had me feeling sick by 1am) and of course chicken nuggets to end the night. So 100% did not stick to 400 cals. 

Today is 100 cals, I’m not sure I’ll be able to accomplish that either but I will restrict as much as I can with company around me. 
I’m not going to view this as a failure, there were some extenuating circumstances, basically my friend was dumped and found out he’d been using her and sleeping with her friends, so I will forgive myself, and strive to complete the full 50 days to the best of my abilities. 
Update later friends 🙂 




5 thoughts on “Whoops: day 4 and 5

    • MyPersonalStruggles says:

      It was delicious but I feel so bloated and heavy today.
      I have a few low cal favourite drinks, green tea and sprite zero are my absolute top picks though! I love soy chai when I feel like I can fit the calories into my day 🙂


      • Lost Ana Girl says:

        Yea those days suck so much. You’ll get through it. Some girls, it’s their every day (not to be bitchy) but this is your one day. Have you tried Freska? It’s like sprite but there’s a ton of flavors and zero cals. Savior for me. Ad some cherry vodka, best cocktail ever. 😉

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      • Lost Ana Girl says:

        They do have a low cal wine! Skinny Girl makes one. It’s not that low cal, but you get to see the calories. No other wine i know does that.

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