Heartbreak, family and stress

WARNING: Contains emotional swearing. 
Last night was crazy! So last night I went out clubbing (as you may have seen in my last post). Despite the fact that I don’t do this very often I fucking love clubbing. The dresses, the music, friends, dancing all night long. I love it. Less so when there’s drama though, and oh baby was there drama last night.  

So the main reason I ended up shaking my ass at 2am was because unfortunately my friend S was dumped by a guy she’d been seeing for a short time.  She’d fallen for him in a short time so there were tears. But by Thursday night she was all “show him what he’s missing out on” attitude. So she dyed her hair, we gussied up and pranced out sexy butts out to the best clubs out city has to offer. 

Of course we were there all of 3 minutes before we ran into Mr total-asshole ex. Apparently they were trying to do the friends thing though since they have the same friends. So for some reason asshole ex ended up spending the Whole. Entire. Damn. Night. With us! Ffs. Red alert drama inbound. Thank god his friends were there as a buffer.

We literally survived till 1:30 before shit hit the fan. Until then it was all free drinks, dance circles and smiles. Then his roommate (an actual amazing human being) decided to make sure S didn’t go back to liking Mr Asshole. How did he do this, you might ask. By crushing her fucking heart. 

Roommate let S know that Mr Asshole had been sleeping with her good friend. The entire time they’d been seeing each other.  Double fucking whammy right there. 

Of course there we’re tears. And anger, lots of anger.  So many thoughtful people came up to us while we sat outside to make sure S was ok. They offered us water, lifts and advice. God people can be so kind in the strangest of times and places.

So the night ended with us in maccas, eating sad fries and nuggets, S shoeless and mascara stained, me trying to make sure she didn’t do anything she’d regret. At least she’s realised what a shit bag he really is. 
In other, more positive news, my little brother (aka the 20yr old giant that i swear use to be shorter than me) had his first ever shift tonight!! He was immediately placed into a second tier position which has him a bit nervous, bit I’m so proud of him and how he’s handled himself. 
Also uni is stressful but hopefully by Monday or Tuesday my schedule will finally be sorted out. It’ll only be week 3 😧 I don’t have the money to buy my last few textbooks right now so I may have to actually find out how to borrow stuff from the library! In my 4th year haha 😂 I’m starting to felt on top of the units I’m in though, having almost caught up on lectures and feeling prepared for my first assessment which is due in 6 days. 
Food wise today was better than yesterday but still not great. Instead of the allocated 100 cals I had about 700. More Maccas, and a bite of chocolate slice for dinner. Tomorrow I’ll have baby spinach and sprite zero for lunch, with some tomato if need be, and dinner at my bf’s so who knows how much for dinner :/ it’s frustrating me not being able to restrict to 200 cals tomorrow, but it just means I’ll have to do better next week. 
I’ll update you with my weight tomorrow since I won’t have access to scales on sunday now, so fingers crossed! 



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