Day 3

Today was easier than expected. Today’s intake limit was 300 cals. I was worried about how I would go with thus considering that I’ve struggled, if only slightly,  with the 500 cal days so far. However, I found today to be easier than the 500 cal days. I was tempted multiple times by chocolate and bread, but remained around 300 cals I believe. 
I’ve had 2 mugs of veggie soup, with mushrooms, and what MFP suggested was 60 cals worth of bread. When I was hit worst by hunger is when I decided to nibble on the dry end of a baguette from Monday. The reason I chose this was because it wasn’t insanely appealing reducing my likelihood of overindulging, but it did fill me up and satiate my desire for bad carbs.  

I wasn’t able to measure out the exact portions of my soup though as a friend joined me and had some. I used more mushrooms than I had originally planned, but didn’t end up eating all of the soup. So hopefully it equalled nearly 300 cals, as the only change made was additional mushrooms additional eating 2 portins less. 
What it does mean though is that I can have some tomorrow for either lunch or dinner, and since tomorrow is my 400 cal day AND I am going out clubbing with a friend, I should hopefully not stray too high. 

Weightloss is still progressing well, no drastic changes but just what I usually see when restricting. 
On the side effects front though I am beginning to experience some drawbacks. This may be related to my restricting or what I am consuming, but I struggled with a headache today, as well as a gurgling stomach and some gas (ew) – both of which I usually only get due to lactose (of which I’ve had barely any lately). I’ll up my water intake as much as I can, however am already running to the bathroom regularly due to my near 2 litre daily hydration. 
Tomorrow I have uni, babysitting and then clubbing so we’ll see how that goes 😊 


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