Back Home

Hey lovelies, 

I’m back home now and already missing the beach so damn much. I miss swimming for hour, hanging out with my friends and the incredibly positive environment we all created together. Since getting home 3 days ago I have worked 3 days straight, which is good for my bank account but maybe not for my sanity, cried over my weight gain which is silly because I knew it would happen, sigh. But I’ve also been called in for 2 more babysitting nights, one in 4 days and the other in 2 weeks. I love babysitting, especially for this family,  and the money is a bonus. 

My god the last day at the coast was by far my favourite. My boyfriend and I had those perfect relationship moments in the waves, laughing and playing and just being happy together. The memories of that day will last for a long time I swear. We also wrote a booklet of warm fuzzies for each person there. Each book was filled with positive comments and love to help each other through any rough patches to come. Yes I have already read mine. Yes I cried. So many kind words praising my caring nature and inclusive actions. It’s now on my bedside table for whenever I feel down ❤ 

I’ve also decided to go on the ABC diet. For all you lucky people out there who don’t have a clue what that is, it’s a super strict, super low (read totally unhealthy, not doctor approved) diet. It’s all about changing up low cal days in order to promote weightloss. The real reason I decided to do it though is that having my intake already planned out will take some stress away. 

My life has been a little tumultuous lately, especially with the stress associated with the start of the uni semester, and I can feel the stress building. It needs an escape and controlling my food and working towards weightloss for some reason helps reduce that stress as it provides something else to focus on. 

I’ll keep you all updated on how it goes of course! I’ll even add a photo of the diet itself, but again I 100% don’t recommend this for anyone. It’s not a healthy coping mechanism at all, but it is mine.  

As today is Monday, I’m having a 500 cal day which will be difficult after a week of binging. So far I’m having dinner with a friend, bruschetta,  so I’ll try to avoid the bread as much as possible and eat all the tomato mix I can 😊 I’ll keep you updated with a food journal tonight!

Love and well wishes, 



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