Holiday Away 

I’m currently lying on a love seat staring out a window at the glorious sunny beach and I’m loving every second of it. 

I’m trying my best to ignore everything stressful in my life, and while not entirely successful, I’m still enjoying a relaxing week away with friends. 

Tonight is my night to cook dinner with my boyfriend, and we’re making lactose free burritos. I’m looking forward to it despite the heavy feeling in my stomach from the deep fried seafood my loving bf bought us for lunch for Valentine’s Day. He’s been amazing lately, although may be catching on to my avoidance of food as he kept pushing me to finish my piece of fish.  

Either way it was a super sweet lunch date.
I’m currently ignoring calories and eating whenever and whatever I want, despite knowing how much it’s going to stress me out on saturday when I can next weigh myself. I won’t let my current focus on weight destroy or damage my time away though.  We so rarely get away from home, I want to make the most of it. 

My stomach is feeling a bit sick from the sudden reappearance of deep fried food though so I am grateful of the lighter dinner meal. 
Also this place has a heated spa! It’s so lazy and fantastic 🙂 
I’ll update you all when possible, 



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