Today I am struggling to remain string and not cave to my food cravings. I’ve already eaten the thinnest piece of vanilla cake with icing, because it’s my work friends last day at work, but I know I have another party to go to tonight. I’m already planning to use my work friends last day as an excuse for not eating dinner, but I’m going too find it so hard to resist temptation. 

I will do it though. I’m going to eat only once more small as f piece of cake at my friends party and take my own bottle of zero cal lemonade. That should keep my intake below 800 call surely. 

If my sweet cravings get too strong I’ve got a few berries to munch on instead, I just don’t know what to do about salty cravings 😦  
In good news though, I lost all the weight I gained from my binge on thursday, and am now at 67kgs  (pre BM)!! 

I know I won’t get down to 65 before Monday but at least I’m moving towards that. 

The thing that I’m scared of though is that I am going to the coast with a huge group of people on monday till Thursday and I won’t be able to hide how little I’ve been eating as easily. The only plus is that this group eats relatively healthy foods while away. Maybe I’ll be able to get away with only dinner and a snack at lunch. 

I’m too close to my goal now to go backwards. I’m only 2kgs (or less) away from where I’ve wanted to get to for years. Gtfo cake and chips, my tummy, thighs and arms aren’t listening to your sirens song.



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