Staying Strong

I did it! I actually stuck to my plan for the day despite the numerous temptations at work (I was offered donuts and frozen coke and chips). Saying no is getting easier with each offer. The only thing I had that wasn’t planned was a touch of fresh lime juice on my salad for added flavour, and a single small hot chip. It was one of those smaller, entirely crunchy ones from the bottom of the bucket, and it was insanely delicious. I don’t regret that little chip at all.


Overall today’s intake was 170 cals, which is impressive considering yesterday’s was well over 1000. Additionally I did a small 10 min ab workout and was on my feet for most of my 5 hour shift tonight, so I probably burnt off most of those cals too! Hopefully it shows on the scales tomorrow morning. I’m feeling a bit lighter but we’ll see 🙂


Peace and love,




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