Food Journal

Today’s food intake was really good. The only slip up I had was half of a hot chocolate. All up I had:

1 cup of baby spinach and a bit of herby chicken for lunch (about 100 cals)

1/2 of a large belgium hot chocolate (280 cals)

and 5 pieces of bruschetta (tomato, onion, spices, a few strands of cheese, a smear of avocado on half of a bread roll) – which I’m going to guess is around the 300 mark

That rounds out my daily intake to 680 cals, however I also did an hour of aerial silks today which according to google may have burned between 200-500 cals.


So I’m probably sitting at around net 500 cals, which I am really happy with.

No change in the scales today, but I’ll keep you posted.

Bigger update to come!




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