Resisting Temptation

Apologies in advance if little of this makes sense, it’s now 3 minutes till midnight and I am exhausted.

Today went pretty well.

The main thing that I am proud of today was resisting the temptation to buy junk food while grocery shopping. Despite walking down the chips and chocolate aisles, I left the store with only the items on my list. This whole list thing will be something I have to do in the future, as it requires less willpower to resist buying bad food when I have a strict list to follow.

Later on I went to a friends house for dinner and ate quiet a bit there. I tried to eat in order of healthiness but that didn’t work too well, as I ended up munching on a delicious potato salad at the end. Throughout the dinner I had a serving of a tomato soup, 4 pieces of gnocchi, a small serving of salad (the lettuce wasn’t the nicest so I didn’t have much :/ ), too much potato salad and then dessert quiet a few hours later.

I’m quiet proud of the dessert I made, even if I’m frustrated by how much of it I ate, an apple and mixed berry crumble. I decided to do a crumble instead of a tart/pie since it meant less pastry/carbs, and I had only a small drizzle of the creme anglaise that I made to go with it.

I didn’t really stick to my food plan from yesterday unfortunately. I was going too but I ended up taste testing more of my baking than I had hoped, probably a tablespoon of the crumb mix and some of the creme anglaise too, so I ditched the yogurt and berries idea. I was super nauseous from about 4pm so napped to resist the temptation to eat, however when I woke up at 6 it was still there so I had a small bite of bread to tide me over till the dinner.


I am totally unsure of my intake today, and just hope that it’s under 1000 cal.


CW: 67.5 (-0.4 from yesterday)
2.5 kgs until my goal ❤







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