Unplanned = Unhealthy

Today I didn’t have a plan foodwise, and that has led to a definitely not healthy, over indulgent day. Unfortunately, my lunch, a huge burger and some chips, wasn’t actually that great. I ended up eating half of my burger (although I ate all of the chicken because it was cooked to perfection) and about half of the chips. This was ok, but a friend of mine wanted to go get food after our stretch and flex class and we ended up having sugary, fatty churros with chocolate. While this was delicious, I mainly enjoyed the strawberries that came with it and had the two smallest churros. So definitely not a great day, but also not a total waste.

I worked out, and am now almost able to do the splits!! Yay!! Today when I attempted forward facing splits I was able to get the calf of my front leg resting on the floor 😀 This is amazing progress considering I’ve only been attempting them for a week or two. I am super inspire to keep it up with quick results like that.


So in order to feel better at the end of the day tomorrow, I am planning out my meals now.


Brunch: 100 cal of yoghurt + 70 cal of berries = 170 cals
Dinner: ???? -> having it at a friends house so allocating up to however many cals hence my heavier restricting today.

I also plan to drink 2 litres of water, meaning almost 3 bottles of water. This will help me to keep the hunger under control. I will also do 2 short abdominal work outs to help increase my core strength.


Feeling pretty pumped everyone 🙂 I know I probably won’t like what the scale has to say tomorrow morning, but I am feeling good and strong and flexible right now! Hahaha


Love and peace, 2.9kgs to go,



2 thoughts on “Unplanned = Unhealthy

  1. Liz says:

    I’m sure that you’ll be able to do the full splits soon! That’s awesome! I have no flexible bone in my body. Oh, Taylor Swift that she stretched every day for a year until she could finally do full splits and now she’s extra flexible lol.

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