Stress Indicators?

Hey lovelies!


I’m doing a lot better than I was a few weeks ago, thanks for all your support and love btw 🙂

My life has gotten a little bit more hectic since I last posted. With uni approaching I have to worry about what classes I need to take, and how I can make up the placement I missed out on last year, all of which are a little stressful. I’ve been trying to be proactive about them, but the university faculty that I am with isn’t the most thoughtful, as they have been away since December and are for some reason shocked by the amount of students that require their assistance. On Thursday it took me 3 hours to see the person I needed to speak to about my units, and when I finally was able to see them, they informed me that the one thing I needed they couldn’t help me with, and that I’d receive an email about it in a week or so. I went home and had a stress cry that day tbh, but am feeling a lot better about it now, it was just so frustrating to waste so much time and have nothing to show for it.

In other news, 3 people have recently quit/been fired from my workplace. Unfortunately one of them is someone I’m really close to and will miss, however she had another opportunity that she just couldn’t pass up. Thankfully the second person to leave (be fired) was the woman I was having major issues with last year, meaning that (hopefully) this year at work will be so much less stressful. This sudden decrease in staff members though may mean that I will end up with a few more hours each week, which I am really looking forward to!

In other good news I bought myself a ps4 and a couple of games yesterday as a bit of a treat yo-self after a stressful week. I will also be going away to the coast during the week of Valentines day, which does poorly coincide with the start of semester but I’ll just study hard to make up the first week back, I feel like I need the rays and good memories to get me through this semester haha 😛 Additionally I have picked up babysitting as a semi regular/casual thing and am really enjoying it (and the extra cash!).

Unfortunately all of these little stressors are piling up and showing themselves in little ways, mainly that my mind has wondered back into the territory of weight and restricting. This little on/off focus of mine seems to be triggered by stress, which is natural, and as much as I know I shouldn’t give in and begin restricting or tracking my intake again, I probably will. I would rather use the remaining strength and focus that I have on ensuring that my uni stuff is sorted out.


Currently 68.9kg with the goal of 65 ASAP.

Food goals:
Yoghurt and mixed berries: 170 cal
French Toast with Maple Syrup: 353 cal
Cup of mixed berries: 70 cal

Total: 593

This may change since I am babysitting over the dinner period.

I plan to try and fast as much as I can between now and the 13th, other than Friday and Saturday when I will be working.


Sorry about the return to weight focus, my brain just needs it right now.

Hope you are all going really great, and know that no matter what you deserve to be loved and respected ❤




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