If you read my post yesterday you know that I was terrified about what the scales would say today. I needed to be below 66kgs as I’ve been maintaining in that area for ages. On top of that 66.2 was my previous lowest weight since I’ve started trying to loose weight.


Well as of today I am sitting at 65.4! 0.8kgs down from my last accurate weigh in (2 days ago) and also 0.4kgs until my first goal weight πŸ˜€

I’m fucking amazing and so proud of myself for getting this far. Once I hit 65 I will have lost 5kgs this year despite my binges and love of burgers.

Since the start of this year I have gone from having a bmi of 26, putting me in the over weight range, to one of 24.3. I’ve gone from 70-65 kgs, or 154.3-143.3 pounds. In 2 months!!


My next weight goals are 63.5kgs (or 140 pounds) and 60 kgs πŸ™‚ I’m trying to break it down so that it’s not as overwhelming, but each number still has importance to me. Hopefully by the end of this month I’ll be under 140 pounds. Maybe sooner, who knows.


I’ll keep trying to follow the ABC diet, even though I have definitely failed a lot already. In order to correct this I am reducing the larger intake days coming up by 100 cals each. So the rest of this week from today are:

Wednesday (day 10) fast:
– water, tea and if necessary carrots/tomatos before I exercise.

Thursday (day 11) 150 cals:
at uni all of Thursday so 1 soy chai tea (20 cals), 1 serving of apple pie filling (1/2 apple chopped, 1/2 tsp sugar, 1/4 tsp cinnamon, 2 tablespoons water = 48 cals), spinach and chicken breast from the deli for the other 80 cals.

Friday (day 12) 200 cals:
Β I have work from midday until 9pm, so I’ll be having lunch/dinner there. As such I have decided that I’ll fast until 4pm, where I’ll have 3/4 of a cheese and bacon roll (215) as a treat.

Saturday (day 13) 300 cals:
– I’m at work all day, but will not be eating dinner, so I’ll have an entire cheese and bacon roll (287 cals) plus a chai tea when I get to my bf’s. I may decide to split the roll between my lunch around 1pm and the rest of the afternoon.

Sunday (day 14) 250-350 cals:
Β I’m spending a portion of Sunday with a good friend who also struggles with eating, she doesn’t know about my issues though. As such I’ll be bringing a bunch of healthy fruits and snacks to her place. I’m thinking apples, oranges and grapes, and some chicken breast and spinach for lunch. I am very aware that this day may turn into a binge day if I don’t focus on eating healthier foods, which is why I wanted to focus on positive stuff. We’ll be spending the day watching the new cycle of ANTM, so there’s the only thinspo I need :/


Hopefully following this plan I’ll be able to reach my next goal weights in no time πŸ™‚ I’m really happy and focused now since I am so close to my first goal. I’ve had this goal for the longest time and holy hell it’s such a good feeling being so close I can almost touch it. I almost am it. My stomach is flatter, my legs slimmer and my shoulders aren’t as wide.

65, then 63.5, then 60 πŸ™‚ I can do this easy peasy.







Sticking to it

My first entirely successful diet day today in a while. I’m worried about caving for dinner, so I’ve told my dad that I’m grabbing something early because I’ve been at uni all day. I really just want some chicken nuggets and chips. But I’ve done so well today I don’t want to ruin all my hard work. Also I’m not even hungry, it’s just a craving for a texture and flavour.

I want the junk food so bad but the calories terrify me so much. 3 nuggets is about 150 calories, chips and sauce even more. I’m currently sitting at 93 calories with a soy chai tea and a cup of rockmelon for lunch. Meaning this food would more than double my current intake.

I think it’s carbs I’m craving.  I’m going to go home and either have a nap, read a book, or game. Anything to distract myself. 

I need to be under 66kg tomorrow else I think I’ll cry.  

Water and tea please fortify my strengthπŸ™ 


Looking Forward

Ive been having a real battle with my binges this week, which wasn’t helped by having multiple dinners and lunches out. I’m maintaining my weight but want to break the patter which is why I’m going to only have 100-200 cals tomorrow instead of the 500 recommended by the abc diet. I need to kick these bad habits in the but before they start affecting my weight again! 
I’m at uni tomorrow from 9 till 6, meaning I could literally skip every meal if I was strong enough, and I’m going to attempt that but with tea and some healtho snacks as a back up so I’m not tempted by the hot chips, sausage sizzles and cakes that abound there. I’ll do what I did last week which was to buy a soy chai tea which lasted me half the day since I drank it so slowly πŸ™‚ 

Wednesday is my fast day which I will only break if I need to for my silks class. If I feel too sick I’ll have a small piece of bread or apple before silks for a small boost. 
I’ll keep you all posted on how it goes πŸ™‚ and if I need help resisting!


Abc Diet: weigh in and day 6

So I’ve almost completed a week of the abc diet. I haven’t been able to stick to the suggested amounts for the last 3 day, which have been between 600-1000 cals instead of 100-400, however the overall result hasn’t been too bad. 
Since starting this diet I have lost a grand total of (drumroll) 


Starting at 68kg in 6 days I have dropped to 66kg, leaving me 1 more kg from my first goal weight. A goal which Ive been trying to reach for far too long. 

Most of this loss happened in the first few days, with me either maintaining or losing a tiny amount on the unplanned binge days. 

So I’ll be starting week 2 on Monday and hopefully will soon reach (and pass) my first goal! 
Btw, today I had some soy chai tea, a 6 inch chicken subway for lunch since I was getting a hunger headache at work (I ate all the fillings but left more than half of the bread), and garlic chicken and veggie chinese takeaway at my boyfriends. While I couldn’t accurately add these up, MFP guesstimates it to be around 600 cals. 

Im aiming to have around 400 tomorrow, which while not following the abc diet, will help my stomach readjust. 
Hope you all have a great weekend πŸ™‚ 



Heartbreak, family and stress

WARNING: Contains emotional swearing. 
Last night was crazy! So last night I went out clubbing (as you may have seen in my last post). Despite the fact that I don’t do this very often I fucking love clubbing. The dresses, the music, friends, dancing all night long. I love it. Less so when there’s drama though, and oh baby was there drama last night.  

So the main reason I ended up shaking my ass at 2am was because unfortunately my friend S was dumped by a guy she’d been seeing for a short time.  She’d fallen for him in a short time so there were tears. But by Thursday night she was all “show him what he’s missing out on” attitude. So she dyed her hair, we gussied up and pranced out sexy butts out to the best clubs out city has to offer. 

Of course we were there all of 3 minutes before we ran into Mr total-asshole ex. Apparently they were trying to do the friends thing though since they have the same friends. So for some reason asshole ex ended up spending the Whole. Entire. Damn. Night. With us! Ffs. Red alert drama inbound. Thank god his friends were there as a buffer.

We literally survived till 1:30 before shit hit the fan. Until then it was all free drinks, dance circles and smiles. Then his roommate (an actual amazing human being) decided to make sure S didn’t go back to liking Mr Asshole. How did he do this, you might ask. By crushing her fucking heart. 

Roommate let S know that Mr Asshole had been sleeping with her good friend. The entire time they’d been seeing each other.  Double fucking whammy right there. 

Of course there we’re tears. And anger, lots of anger.  So many thoughtful people came up to us while we sat outside to make sure S was ok. They offered us water, lifts and advice. God people can be so kind in the strangest of times and places.

So the night ended with us in maccas, eating sad fries and nuggets, S shoeless and mascara stained, me trying to make sure she didn’t do anything she’d regret. At least she’s realised what a shit bag he really is. 
In other, more positive news, my little brother (aka the 20yr old giant that i swear use to be shorter than me) had his first ever shift tonight!! He was immediately placed into a second tier position which has him a bit nervous, bit I’m so proud of him and how he’s handled himself. 
Also uni is stressful but hopefully by Monday or Tuesday my schedule will finally be sorted out. It’ll only be week 3 😧 I don’t have the money to buy my last few textbooks right now so I may have to actually find out how to borrow stuff from the library! In my 4th year haha πŸ˜‚ I’m starting to felt on top of the units I’m in though, having almost caught up on lectures and feeling prepared for my first assessment which is due in 6 days. 
Food wise today was better than yesterday but still not great. Instead of the allocated 100 cals I had about 700. More Maccas, and a bite of chocolate slice for dinner. Tomorrow I’ll have baby spinach and sprite zero for lunch, with some tomato if need be, and dinner at my bf’s so who knows how much for dinner :/ it’s frustrating me not being able to restrict to 200 cals tomorrow, but it just means I’ll have to do better next week. 
I’ll update you with my weight tomorrow since I won’t have access to scales on sunday now, so fingers crossed! 


Whoops: day 4 and 5

Yesterday didn’t go to plan at all. It was supposed to be a 400 cal day but instead I had a lemon and poppy seed muffin, a popcorn chicken and chips go bucket from kfc a number of crazily sugared up drinks (like 3 vodka raspberries and 2 sickly sweet shots, which since I’m a light weight had me feeling sick by 1am) and of course chicken nuggets to end the night. So 100% did not stick to 400 cals. 

Today is 100 cals, I’m not sure I’ll be able to accomplish that either but I will restrict as much as I can with company around me. 
I’m not going to view this as a failure, there were some extenuating circumstances, basically my friend was dumped and found out he’d been using her and sleeping with her friends, so I will forgive myself, and strive to complete the full 50 days to the best of my abilities. 
Update later friends πŸ™‚ 



Day 3

Today was easier than expected. Today’s intake limit was 300 cals. I was worried about how I would go with thus considering that I’ve struggled, if only slightly,  with the 500 cal days so far. However, I found today to be easier than the 500 cal days. I was tempted multiple times by chocolate and bread, but remained around 300 cals I believe. 
I’ve had 2 mugs of veggie soup, with mushrooms, and what MFP suggested was 60 cals worth of bread. When I was hit worst by hunger is when I decided to nibble on the dry end of a baguette from Monday. The reason I chose this was because it wasn’t insanely appealing reducing my likelihood of overindulging, but it did fill me up and satiate my desire for bad carbs.  

I wasn’t able to measure out the exact portions of my soup though as a friend joined me and had some. I used more mushrooms than I had originally planned, but didn’t end up eating all of the soup. So hopefully it equalled nearly 300 cals, as the only change made was additional mushrooms additional eating 2 portins less. 
What it does mean though is that I can have some tomorrow for either lunch or dinner, and since tomorrow is my 400 cal day AND I am going out clubbing with a friend, I should hopefully not stray too high. 

Weightloss is still progressing well, no drastic changes but just what I usually see when restricting. 
On the side effects front though I am beginning to experience some drawbacks. This may be related to my restricting or what I am consuming, but I struggled with a headache today, as well as a gurgling stomach and some gas (ew) – both of which I usually only get due to lactose (of which I’ve had barely any lately). I’ll up my water intake as much as I can, however am already running to the bathroom regularly due to my near 2 litre daily hydration. 
Tomorrow I have uni, babysitting and then clubbing so we’ll see how that goes 😊