Distressed in Bed

My BF may or may not be drunk, but either way we’re fighting.  Seriously. Over the phone. Im not sure if we can get past this hurdle. It hurts so much more after our deep connection the other day. When we were able to listen to each other. To hear beyond the words. Now I feel like I’m talking in circles. How can we be so close yet still struggle to understand each other?  

I hurt and the tears won’t stop. 

The thoughts spinning through my head, is this it for us? Can I let this continue? Do I need to be strong and step away? Or is this just a normal fight? A stepping stone along the way? 

I don’t want us to end, but do I want us to go on? 


4 thoughts on “Distressed in Bed

  1. Austin Krehbiel says:

    When we love, we allow ourselves to be vulnerable. We open our hearts and souls in exchange for the feelings that we receive from the one that we love. Make sure that the feelings you receive leave you healthy and happy! Communication is paramount in achieving personal happiness and satisfaction in all relationships, romantic or otherwise.

    I do not know your exact trial, but I know that you will complete it and find peace, and when you are finished you will be a stronger and more complete person because of the struggles you faced. Life is strange, confusing, and sometimes downright hard. But it is also beautiful. Every morning, you can wake up, continue, and choose to love yourself, and I think that is an amazing thing.

    Remember to hold love in your heart and keep on smiling 🙂

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  2. Liz says:

    Wow I think he might be drunk. I know you how feel when you say that one moment he’s really listening and the other you’re arguing again. I think that if you’re having the same arguments over and over then something needs to change. Whatever the argument is about needs to change. But since you also mentioned that he might be drunk, that can also be the issue. If his drinking is getting that out of control and if it’s causing a lot of problems, he seriously needs to consider looking at this. Sometimes we love people too much to see their problems or we may dismiss them so we won’t lose that person. However, their problems might be very serious and without wanting to we may be causing more harm than good by not mentioning them. Love is definitely complicated. One moment you want to kiss and talk all day and sometimes you want to kill the other person. It’s just how relationships work. If the love is there between the two people then you guys will work it out ❤

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