Waking up with Cravings

I woke up with huuuuuuuge craving for salt and vinegar chips, which I have hidden away in a draw right next to me right now. Crap.


So instead of cramming them in my mouth like I’m fantasizing about, I went to weigh myself after yesterday’s good restriction. Aaaaand crap. A gain of 0.1kgs which isn’t much I know but is a hit in the gut after how much I tried to restrict and still have flavour yesterday.

Now I’m just waiting, no food or liquids, until I need to go to the bathroom again in the hopes that it’ll change to either the same weight as yesterday or a teeny tiny drop. I’m not accepting failure today.

While I wait I’ll keep researching for my essay due in… 4 days :/ (Distraction, distraction, distractions! Go away chippy cravings!)


I’ll update you all tonight on how things go ❤




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