Food Journal 11/10/2016

Today was not good. Tomorrow will be better.

Weight: 66.8kg/147 pounds

Current Target: 65kg

Breakfast: Green Tea (0 cal)
1 Malteser (10 cal)

Snack: 1/2 carrot sliced up (20 cal)
1 tsp of garlic aioli (40 cal)

Lunch (which I hadn’t planned): 2 homemade pizza slices with my BF (334 cal)

Dinner: Freddo Frog (95 cal)

Junk: Caramel Kit Kat (279 cal)
Skittles (202 cal)
Salt and Vinegar Crisps (526 cal)
Sprite Zero (0 cal)


Total: 1506 cal – 126 (walk) = 1380 cal intake :/


Tomorrow I’m aiming for under 500.

Wish me luck ❤



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