Exhausted, anxious and gaining.

Hey lovelies,

Sorry that I haven’t been posting regularly, I’ve just hit crunch time at uni. I found out yesterday that I have a major 3000 word research essay due in just 8 days so I’m freaking out a bit hahaha :/

Otherwise uni has been ok, I’ve had some hiccups with group assignments and I’ve barely been attending my classes but I’m still getting pretty good results (all 75% or above).

Unfortunately I am still having some major issues at work which is wrecking havoc on my anxiety levels. Still having the same high school level BS issues with one girl as I mentioned last time. Since I wrote that post about having issues with her we had another huge spat last Saturday where I was talking to a customer that she was putting a sale through for. She told me to go and do something (rude) which I ignored to continue talking to a customer that I’ve been talking to (about books) for over 3 years. After the customer left my nasty coworker turned to me to have it out, which I wasn’t taking lying down because I hadn’t done anything that any of the other girls would have done. She told me she couldn’t complete the sale when I was talking to the customer, I pointed out that she had in fact finished the sale. She told me not to do it again, I told her no I will not ignore my regulars. She got more angry, I kept saying no.

On Tuesday it ended up getting dragged to the owner who berated us like we were his children (his words) because it was childish level stuff that kept happening. We were both told to change how we interacted, me thinking before I react and she to consider her tone of voice and to stop telling me what to do. Then we were warned that if anything else happened again he would have to let both of us go.

This threat has irritated me quiet a bit, because the girl I’m having the issues with is already planning to leave in November, which is part of the reason we’re already short staffed over Christmas. But whatever.

Fast forward a week to this Saturday, shit hits the fan again. For the other shifts we had been together we’d, of course, been a bit tense, so on Saturday I tried my best to avoid her (without being a dick about it) and to be polite and civil. But when literally the first thing she said to me, at about 3:30, was a comment about using my phone along the lines of ‘R really, your phone?’ I nearly lost my shit. I took a deep breath, decided she wasn’t worth this job, shot her a bad look, then ignored her.

Later a lovely coworker came over and asked me about whatever had happened, and I told her she made a comment about my phone which I didn’t engage with cause it was pointless. She then goes to the bathroom, where it turns out she had called the weekday floor manager because she had found out that the nasty chick had lied about me!

Turns out this bitch had been going around telling everyone that I had responded saying ‘Don’t tell me what to do’ and stuff like that. Well too bad now, her lying about me has finally been caught out. Serves her right.

Additionally, my lovely coworker told her and the floor manager that how she was treating me was unfair, as she had been complaining about everything I did all day behind my back and had ignored it when the nice coworker had done the exact things nasty chick had gone off at me for.

Nasty chick felt hard done by, so she called the floor manager to complain about me, unaware that the floor manager had already heard about it all, and ended up getting shreds torn off her.

I have to say, that after all the shit I’ve been through with this nasty woman, I’m so fucking glad that someone finally noticed that it wasn’t me starting it.

Unfortunately the weeks of stress have impacted my uni, social life and body. I’ve been bed ridden with low moods, low level considered terrible things, felt like my BF whos been sick wanted to break up with me/may have been lying about being sick (which he’s not btw just my brain freaking out) or wanted to break up with me. To top it all off I had been ignoring food in a bad way, not adding up the calories and eating junk almost everyday. So of course I’ve gained. Almost back to where I started. I’m such a fucking comfort eater and it needs to stop.

I’m going to a picnic later today ( sans BF 😦 ) but my challenge to myself is to ONLY eat the fruit and my green tea. I will be taking some pink lemonade and maltesers for everyone else, and I can’t wait to actually relax with friends, listen to some music at Floriade (a flower display festival).


Peace, love, and karma’s a bitch,

Xx R



3 thoughts on “Exhausted, anxious and gaining.

  1. unluckystarfish says:

    Ahh work stress with coworkers is the worst. I also have been writing about my own frustrations with coworkers. Just remember that you are there for the pay cheque and that’s it. Play nice but don’t get taken advantage of. Speak up when you know they’re wrong. And you’re right, sometimes you also have to choose what to let slide and what to fight. Ugh. Annoying… that’s life though. Keep your head up! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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