Essays… Kill me now 😒

Halfway through a 3000 word essay due by 11:30 tonight. Ugh if only I could just skip straight to graduation day and getting a job as a teacher. 
Ps. Decided to have maccas for lunch today. Wish I was stronger but I’m also glad I’m not some days. 
Love and hugs 




Food Journal 15.10.16

It’s my brother’s birthday today which was pretty fun, but mainly because I actually got to see my mum, even if it was just for a few hours. Since she lives a couple of hours away this is kinda of a rare thing. We do talk on the phone regularly, but seeing her in person and being able to hug her made my day 1000x better 🙂

Also my food intake was ok too 🙂 I’m trying to balance between low cal to drop weight and not too low where I binge the next day, and today was better.

I knew I’d be going out for my brother’s b’day dinner, so I planned accordingly:

B: Green Tea (0) and a cruskit (22)

L: 2 Naval Oranges (130), an apple (90) and my second cruskit for the carb cravings (22)

D: Chicken Alfredo Pasta – entree sized and still only ate half (300-400?) and a glass of moscato (92)

Totaling at 666 (aaaahhh) calories but rounding it up to 700 since I had a teaspoons worth of birthday cake and a sliver of chocolate.

I definitely feel more capable of resisting the cravings right now, when it’s usually late afternoon/night that it hits me the most. I think I’ll put my limit at 700-800 tomorrow too and see how that goes.

Ps. Thanks Perfect Isn’t Easy aka Liz for the shout out in your last post, seriously would have made my day if my mum hadn’t been visiting 😛 I relate to you so much and love hearing about everything in your life, it makes me feel a lot less alone ❤

Peace and Love,



The binge is real. 

Chips and lollies and chocolate.  

I’m literally shouting at myself in my head but can’t stop. 

What the hell is wrong with me.


Waking up with Cravings

I woke up with huuuuuuuge craving for salt and vinegar chips, which I have hidden away in a draw right next to me right now. Crap.


So instead of cramming them in my mouth like I’m fantasizing about, I went to weigh myself after yesterday’s good restriction. Aaaaand crap. A gain of 0.1kgs which isn’t much I know but is a hit in the gut after how much I tried to restrict and still have flavour yesterday.

Now I’m just waiting, no food or liquids, until I need to go to the bathroom again in the hopes that it’ll change to either the same weight as yesterday or a teeny tiny drop. I’m not accepting failure today.

While I wait I’ll keep researching for my essay due in… 4 days :/ (Distraction, distraction, distractions! Go away chippy cravings!)


I’ll update you all tonight on how things go ❤



Food Journal 12.10.2016

Lunch (as depicted earlier) was a delicious low-cal bruschetta totaling at just under 150 cal! Super tasty and reasonable calorie count.

Dinner was my job tonight and all we had was beef sausages at 180 cal each!! :O I decided straight away that I was going to eat barely any of it, or the baked potatoes that I made to go with them. My brother had a ball with them though. I ended up eating :

  • 1 steamed sliced carrot (55 cal)
  • 1 cup of steamed beans (34 cal)
  • 1/2 cup of cooked cherry tomatoes (22 cal)
  • 1/4 of a baked small onion (11 cal)
  • two teeny tiny pieces of potato (less than 22 cal)
  • and 2 slices of sausage (36 cal)

Finally I’ve had what feels like gallons of green tea and water throughout the day.

This totals at less than 180 cal (but I’m counting it as 180 for ease of maths), bringing my daily calorie intake to 330 calories 🙂 So much better than yesterday!

In addition to this I did some intense walking too and from my lecture because I was running late, whoops, and two sets of 100 jumping jacks throughout the day. Hopefully this will help ensure that my weight still goes down after last nights binge session.

Yesterday’s weight: 66.8 kgs/147.3 lbs

Today’s weight: 66.4 kgs/146.4 lbs

Current Goal Weight: 65 (meaning only 1.4kgs to go!!)

(I’m going to brush my teeth soon so that I can resist all the snacks in my draws – aaaaahhhh)

Peace and Love,




Thought I’d post a picture of my lunch today 🙂 

Along with the usual green tea my meal, bruschetta on light cruskets comes to 147cal. I’m still struggling with the number but I really was craving carbs and still wanted to include a bit of avocado and cheese. 

The ingredients are:

Almost a 200gram punnet of cherry tomatos diced teeny tiny (36 cal)

1 slice of red onion diced (4 cal)

1/2 teaspoon miced garlic (2 cal)

1/2 teaspoon basil paste (2 cal) 

1/2 tablespoon balsamic vinegar (6 cal)

Squirt of lemon juice 

2 Cruskits (44 cal) 

1 tablespoon avocado (30 cal)

5 grams of light grated cheese (17 cal) 

The picture doesn’t include all of the tomato mix which will be my snack if I get too hungry while studying.



Food Journal 11/10/2016

Today was not good. Tomorrow will be better.

Weight: 66.8kg/147 pounds

Current Target: 65kg

Breakfast: Green Tea (0 cal)
1 Malteser (10 cal)

Snack: 1/2 carrot sliced up (20 cal)
1 tsp of garlic aioli (40 cal)

Lunch (which I hadn’t planned): 2 homemade pizza slices with my BF (334 cal)

Dinner: Freddo Frog (95 cal)

Junk: Caramel Kit Kat (279 cal)
Skittles (202 cal)
Salt and Vinegar Crisps (526 cal)
Sprite Zero (0 cal)


Total: 1506 cal – 126 (walk) = 1380 cal intake :/


Tomorrow I’m aiming for under 500.

Wish me luck ❤