Busy bee

So I’ve been a little busy lately, travelling and dealing with assessments, and I apologise for the lack of updates. I’ll try keep this post short!
On Sunday I went to my mum’s place for a couple of days. I used this as a short holiday, as she has a cute little hobby farm complete with veggie patch a baby lambs. It was so relaxing, however my mum eats constantly and so while I was there I did too. I’m not going to lie, I enjoyed forgetting calories and just enjoyed eating too much dessert and drinking whatever I wanted. Until I stepped on the scales and saw a kilo gain. I’ve dropped most of that since getting back home, now I’m back at 67 kilos, but my new goal is to be 60 kilos by the end of September. That’s a 7 kilo loss in 30 days. I may not be able to do it, but if I stay at under 500 a day (gross not net cal) I’ll still see some great progress.

In other news I completed 2 items of assessment today; an online mid-semester test and a student profile and plan. The first was the only one I was stressed about, as I haven’t watched all of my 14 lectures. I feel like I did ok EXCEPT that I skipped questions planned to go back to them only to find out that it’s impossible to do that! Meaning I have immediately failed 10% of my exam. 

I’m trying to ignore that though, because if I focus on it too much I’ll end up bawling, screaming and tearing my hair out like I did straight after finding this out. 

Tomorrow or later tonight I plan on posting a separate post about my boyfriend because thats going to be too long for here. Everything is perfect between us, but I pray that someone helps him out of his hellhole asap 🙁 

Anyway, love you all, stay safe and remember to take some time off for yourself!

Xox R

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