What am I doing?

Some days I feel super motivated, I get this brilliant urge to clean and cook and study. It’s like a rush.

Today wasn’t that but it wasn’t dark either. I’m lower than I was the other day when I posted, but no where near where I was a fortnight ago; so that’s good.


Yesterday I actually went to a lecture and tutorial, which is a big step from last semester. The tutorial was boring, as it was primarily aimed at first year students and I’m a 3rd year, but I really like my lecturer. He has a habit of getting side tracked and talking about the history of drugs and diseases.

I went and bought a couple of stationary items, and I must admit that even having a new book and weekly planner helped me start focusing on my classes. I wrote down when all my assignments are due, so I can try to stay on top of it and prioritize, and then I found the cutest dress ❤ It’s a little black dress with pink floral designs on it and ties up at the back. I spent a bit more money than I had planned, but I just couldn’t resist buy that dress, especially as I went looking for one just like it a couple of weeks ago. Definitely a little pick me up 🙂

I did some arts and crafts this morning, and despite feeling the need/ability to actually focus on my uni work I just read instead. It’s like despite being ready and willing to do the work, my brain is still a little too overwhelmed by everything, but I am getting there slowly.

Unfortunately my scales were wacky this morning, showing 5 different weights, up to 2kgs more than yesterday! I was so freaked out, I kept hopping on and trying again. Even now I don’t really know what my weight today was, but considering I had a kinda bad food day yesterday I’m thinking it was the 66.9kg reading that I got twice, not 68.9 :/ Is it even possible to gain 2.5 kg’s overnight??

So far today all I’ve had is some water with some lemon for flavour, but I’ll probably end up having maccas for dinner :/ Any lower cal suggestions?





5 thoughts on “What am I doing?

  1. Liz says:

    Omg I can so relate with the scale thing. My usual scale has stayed at the stayed same number but my other two scales say I’ve lost another 5 pounds??? The struggle, who do I believe? lol. Also, what’s a macca? For dinner, I usually skip it or I’ll have some veggies and beans and sometimes a salad or protein bar.

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