Slowly Dropping

Hey lovelies!

Just a quick update before I pop over to by bf’s house, but despite my stress eating lately and inability to calorie count I’ve still been slowly dropping weight. Even though I had a huge food weekend followed by a day of sickness, I’ve lost about half a kg, putting me at my lowest weight in like 3 years!!

I’m now 66.5kg.

I don’t like that number, but about a month ago I was at 70kg. Little steps are still steps.

My next goal weight is 60kg and I feel like that’s so much more attainable now that I’ve already lost what I have. I don’t know how I’ll go but if I lost 3.5kg in about a month, 6.5 seems so much more possible.

I don’t know how I’m even losing weight, I feel like I’m constantly eating 800+ calories a day. I noticed that even things like doing the cleaning at work counts as a little work out which is good for me because it means I work of calories AND look like a good employee hahaha!

I was bad today, but it’s been one of the first mentally good days I’ve had for a while, so I don’t care too much that I had maccas, but I’m having take away nachos for dinner with the bf. Double takeaway isn’t what I wanted for the day, but I’m focusing instead on how my head feels lighter and brighter today. You have to role with the highs when you can.


Hope you all have a great day/night!

Ps. I have been in love with these American Eskimo dogs lately ❤ 




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