Holy Shit Level Relief

I can’t even describe how much better I am feeling today. It’s just so much lighter and brighter.

I went into work yesterday and had a talk with my floor manager, in which I was told why my shifts had been cut (mainly for the reasons I had thought), but then I was given that chance to actually tell my side of things. Once I had finished talking, the floor manager apologized for both her rash actions and for hurting me, and admitted that she regrets not hearing my side of things before acting.

We were both able to stay respectful of each other and stay calm throughout the conversation, despite the tears we both shed. One of the reasons I think it went so smoothly is because I wasn’t throwing accusations, went in without attitude, and shared her frustration at the high school level of bitchiness we’re now having to deal with.

What happened still hurts, but that pain being acknowledged as valid and having the floor manager apologize for causing it has been incredibly helpful for my state of mind.

I have to admit that I had a mild panic attack before actually going to work, and spent the hour after on the phone to my mum basically crying from relief, but it was definitely worth the stress of going in.



In other good news, I checked the scale for the first time since all this stress hit me, and expecting it to be disgusting due to my stress eating, I’m actually 0.3kg away from my first GW!! Closer than I’ve ever been before!! 😀

Once I get ride of those last 300 grams of fat I’m gettin my nails done! Woo hoo!!

Thank you all so much for helping me through these last few days of absolute stress and mayhem, being able to write about everything is what’s been getting me through it all.
Today’s Food Plan:

Breakfast: Chai Tea w/ sugar (20 cal)

Lunch: Small Apple (80 cal)
Sprite Zero (0 cal)

Dinner: Having dinner with my boyfriend, so not sure yet. So I’m allocating all my cals, except for a small lunch, for homemade dinner with him.


Have an amazing day/night everyone,
Stay gorgeous!




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