Upday Vs Today

Yesterday was a good day, my mood was up, the sun was out and I went to class and presented. It wasn’t perfect but it was a good head day. I didn’t count calories, I just enjoyed feeling better.

Today is already worse but the good day has made me feel stronger and more in control of myself again. I’m going to be better with my calories today. I’m seeing a friend in 20 minutes for coffee, but then I’m going to talk to my floor manager at work about my shifts. I’ve already cried this morning talking to dad about it.

I didn’t want to go in and talk about my shifts, because I already know what to expect from my floor manager. She’s going to get defensive in 0.2 seconds, and then start making me feel like shit. But I’m going in. I am going to talk to her calmly and professionally about how I need my hours back, and that I feel unfairly treated as I was the only person with reduced hours on this roster. I will probably cry but I will remain calm, speak clearly, not accuse her or get angry at her. I will tell her my side of the story, and tell her I feel hurt by her not asking my side of the story. I will tell her I feel punished for doing exactly as I was told last weekend, which was to be more friendly with another staff member. I will finally tell her what the other staff members have been doing as well, which I haven’t up to this point because I felt it was unnecessary to get them in trouble with the full timers, but since they’ve done this to me, fuck them.

Will update you on how it goes late.

Wish me luck, I’m so scared


Ps. Thank you for checking up on my Liz! It started my morning off so nicely ❤


One thought on “Upday Vs Today

  1. Liz says:

    Hunny, I hope you’re feeling better today 🙂 and I am so proud of you!!! I’m so proud for standing up for yourself! No matter what happens, just remember that you are very brave and that you should always remember that! ❤ it's our job to help each other as much as we can because honestly this is a community 🙂

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