Forgetful and Ok

Today went ok.

I was running late this morning for my lecture, probably because I was busy writing my last post but I needed to release my stress somewhere. Anyway, I was 3 streets away from my house when I remembered that I had left my paperwork on the floor of my bedroom, but I didn’t have the time to turn my little car around if I wanted to make it to my first lecture of the semester on time. Onward it was.

Despite abandoning my paperwork, I was actually still 5 minutes late for my lecture as parking is always a nightmare AND I had no idea where this lecture theatre was! For some reason my Ancient Roman History lecture is in the Law Building?? Right… Ok sure.

The lecture itself was really cool. It’s a lecture I’ve had before and he’s just so enthusiastic and casual. He makes learning about the minutiae of Rome actually fun.

After uni I hopped across to the shopping centre, where I spent about and hour and half wandering about the shops. I ended up buying four new necklaces. Two of them I grabbed because the amethyst in them called out to me, and when I read the properties of amethyst it seemed pretty appropriate. Still not sure if I full believe in the power of crystals, but it can’t hurt, especially as amethysts are supposed to protect and heal.

I also got the cutest little crop 3/4 sleeve jumper! It’s got horizontal stripes of black, grey and pink on it and is just adorable! Can’t wait to feel confident enough to wear it 😀

Most importantly though I bought SOOOOOO many amazing bath bombs and creams from Lush!! I swear, I spend so much money there hahaha! I bought 4 new bath bombs, 4 bubble bath crumbles, 2 moisturisers and a skin melt too. I then had a 2 hour long soak when I got home using a rosewood and lavender bubble bath crumble. It was divine.

Finished my day by watching youtube clips, painted my nails, did a short 20 min workout and put my paperwork in my bag in preparation for tomorrow. There’ll be no forgetting it this time!


Anyway, sorry for the long post. I just had a pretty good day.

Calories: 900 – 270 (walking/exercise) = 630

0.5kg till my 1st goal weight!!

Have an amazing day/night guys,



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