Trying to stay Positive

Yesterday was disgusting. I binged all day, eating so many carbs and cals I’m too scared to actually add them all up!! I just kept shoveling food into my face until my stomach hurt and I felt sick. I won’t even bother to list my intake, just know that it was more than I’ve eaten all week 😦

I was praying that it wouldn’t have a huge effect, I hoped I could resist standing on the scales when I was finally home alone, but it did and I couldn’t. Almost a kilo gain! D: Two bad days in a row and almost a weeks worth of effort down the drain.


I’m trying to stay positive though. It’s just a set back. Today I’ll do better. I’ve liquid fasted for almost 18 hours now. Convinced my friend to grab food to go and meet me at mine, saying I’d already had lunch, and thankfully dad is preparing an ok dinner. I’d rather skip it but I’m not having a single carb today. I’ll have the veggies and some of the chicken.

God, I just want to get to my first goal and I was so close! Tomorrow I’m home alone all day so I’m going to fast until dinner again (when I’ll have to eat because of my family) and Tuesday/Wednesday I have some classes back at uni, so I’ll be able to fast until dinner again.

1.5kg left before my first goal weight. Wish me luck.




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