Tired and Excited

So today went better than expected!

My psych appointment went amazingly well, I came out of it feeling less stressed and more in control of my life. We’re focusing on my trying to find ways to be less overwhelmed by life, and I was set two tasks until my next appointment, hand in some paperwork that’s overdue and research on where I can start doing yoga (which is something I’ve been interested in for yeeeeaaaars). I was so excited that I’ve already found out where I want to go and am planning on going there next week with a friend 🙂

I did however struggle with food today, I was so hungry! I indulged in an emotional hot chocolate after my appointment as a little pick me up, but thankfully only ended up drinking about 1/4 of it! So proud! I also had half an apple for lunch (at 2pm). I started to feel shakey and lightheaded by 5pm and grabbed an early dinner, but I was out and caved and got my favourite, fatty meal. We’re talkin wedges, red meat, bacon, cheese and gravy. And holy shit did I devour it. I swear I was one step away from becoming an animal :/

That brought my total calorie count to insanely high today, but I did 200 jumping jacks this morning and spent 7 hours on my feet at work, so hopefully that helped bring it down a bit.

I won’t be able to do a weigh in until Sunday now (it’s friday currently for me), so wish me luck! Here’s for another 0.8kg loss!!

Stay amazing,



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