Afternoon Tea

Today was… well I guess you could say it was good.

In one way it was fantastic. I got to catch up with a friend who’d been sick on my birthday. We had an amazing chat about some of the things that have been stressing us lately and I felt really good for getting all dressed up and out of the house. She even gave me a present of different types of tea!

However my food was a bit off today.

All I had (other than water) was the sweet dessert I had out at afternoon tea. And boy was it decadent!

A mini chocolate tart with a salted caramel macaroon, caramel whipped cream and a shot glass of caramel sauce.

Adore Tea FoodSugar, sugar, sugar. More than what I’ve had in the last week combined I swear!!

It was delicious, but I’ve gotten a headache from the crash.

According to my best guesses of amounts and the MyFitnessPal app, this crazy indulgence was almost 700 calories. Taking my morning jumping jacks into account this brings my daily cal count down to about 560-600 (I’m not fit at all ok >.< )

I’m ok with that. A bit hungry now at almost midnight, but that’s what happens when you skip dinner.


I just want an apple but we have none in the house! 😦


Goodnight babes!


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