Food Journal 8/5

  • Soy chai tea
  • Passionfruit tart
  • 8 nuggets and large chips with tomato sauce 
  • Some sprite 
  • 1 litre of water 

    Submitted my last major assessment of the semester last night, a 50% digital poster. Im really happy with the poster and resources, however the written component is trash πŸ˜” I have a tiny presebtation and then just an exam on the 19 and semester is finally over!



    Food Journal 7/5

    • Cocoa chia pod 
    • Wedges and roast with the lot 
    • Roast lamb and vegetables with salt 
    • Glass of apple and black currant juice 
    • 2 litres of water 
    • 1 hour of aerial silks 

    Food Journal 6/5

    – 2 spoonfuls of cocoa chia yoghurt 

    – 3 small cheeze and bacon rolls 

    – chicken burger and hot chips

    – 6 nuggets and chips with tomato sauce 

    – lift 

    – 2 litres of water 

    Food Journal 5/5

    – bought orange and poppyseed muffin

    – chicken schnitzel salad with balsamic dressing 

    – lefrover chicken stirfry 

    – salt and vinegar chips 

    – lemon iced tea

    -1.5 litres of water 

    Food Journal 4/5

    • Cheese and bacon roll
    • 4 chicken nuggets with tomato sauce
    • soy chai tea 
    • Wedges with salt 
    • Homemade chicken stir fry with mushroom, green beans, pok choy, onion, chicken, mixed superfood mix, garlic and a honey soy sauce. 
    • Glass of apple and black currant juice 

      In cramming assessments atm, and managed to creat a poster template and draft half of it in 3 hours today. 

      I dont think I’m going to be losing weight from today but just recording my intake is making me more mindful of my food choices. 


      Food Journal 3/5Β 

      • Two leftover sausaged cooked in 
      • A can of diced tomatoes 
      • Chicken stock
      • 1 small onion
      • 1 lsrge mushroom 
      • 1 carrot 
      • A handful of broccoli

      With dessert being 

      • 3 squares of homemade shortbread 
      • A jam drop biscuit 
      • 10 skittles 

      And an hour of aerial silks where I learnt but didn’t perfectly execute a new trick 😊
      Also I’m back down to 65.5kg from the 68 i ballooned to on my period πŸ‘

      Food Journal 2/5

      – Raspberry, white choc and coconut muffin (😍)

      – soy chai tea

      – 1/2 pack of smiths salt and vinegar chips 

      – small block of salted dark chocolate 
      I regret the last two items but will just try harder to ensure I eat better food tomorrow.